Daily Jewce: Mapping Manhattan’s Eruvs, Rhoda Writes a Memoir, and more

In the news today: Danish company apologizes for yellow star T-shirts, Lindsay Lohan to play Elizabeth Taylor, and more Read More

By / April 24, 2012

• An explanation about those eruv wires over Manhattan.

• Better eat your ptcha while you can, because the Jewish delicacy made from jellied calves’ feet is nearing culinary and cultural extinction.

• Brian SS Jensen, co-founder of Wood Wood, the Danish fashion company behind the yellow star T-shirts sold on Urban Outfitters, has apologized.

• Valerie Harper, better known as Mary Tyler Moore’s sidekick, Rhoda Morgenstern, is writing a memoir-and it’s called I Rhoda Book.

• Lindsay Lohan is playing Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie, Liz and Dick.