Daily Jewce: ‘Midnight in Paris’ Legal Drama, Lena Dunham Obama Drama

In the news today: House hunting in Poland, Degrassi’s 300th show, Joan Nathan’s roast chicken adventure, and more Read More

By / October 26, 2012

• The New York Times goes house hunting in Poland.

• Not everyone liked Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris: the Faulkner estate is suing Sony over Owen Wilson’s character’s unauthorized use of a Faulkner quote.

• Jewcy contributor Hillary Busis talked to the Degrassi creator in advance of the series’ 300th episode—and yes, Drake came up.

• In what should come as no surprise whatsoever, everyone is making a really big deal about Lena Dunham’s pro-Obama video.

• Curbed takes a look at Manhattan’s synagogues-turned-condos.

• Watch Joan Nathan make the ultimate roast chicken: