Daily Jewce: Prince Harry’s Circumcision Debate, ‘A Christmas Story’ Sequel

In the news today: B.D. Wong lives in a former Yiddish theater, Judah Friedlander’s stand-up gold, Scooter Braun’s new K-pop star, and more Read More

By / September 7, 2012

Law and Order: SVU’s B.D. Wong’s New York City apartment used to be, variously, a Yiddish theater, a sweatshop, and a porno theater.

• Rachel Shukert asks the question that’s been on all of our minds since those naked Vegas pictures of Prince Harry surfaced: “Roundhead, or Cavalier?”

• Cindy Sheehan is withdrawing as Roseanne Barr’s running-mate. Oh wait, it’s too late to do that?

• Judah Friedlander, stand-up comedy artist.

• Justin Bieber’s camp counselor Scooter Braun has signed K-Pop star Psy to his label. Call him, maybe?

• What the what? A Christmas Story 2 is happening: