Daily Jewce: Rabbi Opens Marijuana Dispensary, Jews who Mooned, and more

In the news today: Gilad Shalit meets Mayor Bloomberg, lacrosse comes to Israel, Judd Apatow gives advice, and more Read More

By / June 28, 2012

• Gilad Shalit met Mayor Bloomberg while in New York, and even got some Tiffany’s swag.

• Finally, Israeli lax bros.

• “Wikipedia claims that the first known instance of mooning was recorded by the famous Roman-Jewish historian Josephus in the 1st century A.D.” ‘Nuff said.

• The Washington, D.C. rabbi who’s opening a medical marijuana dispensary.

• French anti-racism groups have settled their suit against Google, whose autocomplete feature—which often suggests the word “Jew” next to certain individuals’ names—they claimed violated French anti-racism laws.

• Judd Apatow offers advice to young folks, revealing that he sounds exactly like Seth Rogen.