Daily Jewce: Rashida Jones’ German Lesson, Seinfeld’s Letter to the NYT

In the news today: Barbra on Brooklyn, ‘Jewish Jocks’ is highbrow brilliant, life as a Jew in China, and more Read More

By / October 3, 2012

• Lena Dunham forgot her pants again. Instead, she got a $1 million book deal.

• Brooklyn native Barbra Streisand says playing at the Barclays Center is a homecoming for her.

• Being a Jew in China means everyone assumes you’re good with money.

Jewish Jocks, a new book edited by Frank Foer and friend-of-Jewcy Marc Tracy, was deemed ‘highbrow brilliant’ by the New York Magazine approval matrix.

• The world came full circle when Jerry Seinfeld wrote to the New York Times to criticize an opinion column hating on the word ‘really.’

• Rashida Jones impersonates a Jewish grandmother and does a German accent on Conan: