Daily Jewce: Sandy Koufax’s Basketball Career, Pricey Bar Mitzvah Fireworks

In the news today: Job in the New Yorker, why Shia got naked, R. Pattz to star in new Werner Herzog flick, and more Read More

By / August 15, 2012

• Sandy Koufax…basketball star?

• Job, meet the New Yorker.

• There’s no such thing as free bar mitzvah fireworks. Especially if you’re a politician.

• Susan Sontag on love, illustrated.

• Shia Labeouf explains why he got naked in that strange Sigur Ros video.

• Fresh off his K. Stew heartbreak, Robert Pattinson will play Lawrence of Arabia in Werner Herzog’s Queen of the Desert. Until then, get your R. Pattz fix with his awkwardly tragic Daily Show appearance.