Daily Jewce: ‘Seinfeld’ Named Best Sitcom Ever, Honey Boo Boo Hearts Israel

In the news today: Paul Rudd gets his ‘Les Mis’ on, Hanukkah ham is back, and more Read More

By / December 4, 2012

• It’s official: Hanukkah ham is back for another holiday season. [Snope]

• Adam Levine really expletive hates Honey Boo Boo. [GQ]

• But Honey Boo Boo loves Israel! [Mako]

• Ray from Girls, aka Alex Karpovsky, stopped by the Rookie treehouse and gave some grown man advice. [Rookie]

Seinfeld beat out Friends for the honor of best sitcom ever. [Romenesko]

• From Day 2 of the best Les Mis advent calendar ever, Jason Segel and Paul Rudd singing “Confrontation.” [Vulture]