Daily Jewce: Social Media in Boca Raton, Woody and Lindsay, and more

In the news today: Evanger’s vs. ‘Avengers,’ Jazzrael music festival in New York, and more Read More

By / May 7, 2012

• Evanger’s, the kosher dog food company, is causing all sorts of Avengers-related confusion.

• In Boca Raton, turning to social media as a way of publicly pressuring husbands who refuse to grant their wives a get.

• Woody Allen and Lindsay Lohan spotted having dinner together, possibly discussing casting roles in upcoming films.

• Jazzrael, a 10-day jazz and world music festival in New York, is underway.

• In NYC tonight? Vox Tablet host Sara Ivry will be moderating a panel on the changing role of music in new original theater at the JCC in Manhattan.