Daily Jewce: The Fonz Sells Mortgages, Adam Levine’s New Fragrance, A.O. Scott on ‘Footnote,’ and more

In the news today: Barbie’s 53rd birthday, Adam Wilson’s slanket, Beinart’s new blog, and more Read More

By / March 9, 2012

• The Fonz is back, and he wants you to buy a reverse mortgage.

• Now you too can smell like The Voice host Adam Levine!

• Former Big Jewcy Adam Wilson on the Slanket as a period detail.

• Peter Beinart is launching a new group blog, Zion Square, on The Daily Beast.

• A.O. Scott calls Joseph Cedar’s Oscar-nominated film, Footnote, a “piercing satire”

Happy 53rd birthday, Barbie. You are truly made from a different mold.


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