Daily Jewce: The Jewish Coach Behind Linsanity, Jon Stewart and the NRA

In the news today: Dead Nazis trying to steal Jewish art, ‘Archer’ returns tonight, and more Read More

By / January 17, 2013

• The Harvard basketball coach behind Linsanity? A Jewish kid from Scarsdale. [Tablet]

• H. Jon Benjamin returns as Archer tonight, proving yet again that neurosis and alcoholism are funniest when left in the hands of a Jew. [Slate]

• Jesus was Jewish??? [Huffington Post]

• Nazis still trying to steal Jewish artwork from beyond the grave. [Times of Israel]

• In other news, political women still subjected to games of hot-or-not. You stay classy, Germany. [Haaretz]

• Jon Stewart uses comedy against the NRA because logic and reason can’t seem to make a dent. [The Daily Show]

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