Daily Jewce: The Soup Nazi’s Food Truck, These Jews Invented Häagen-Dazs

In the news today: the French Olympian with a Hebrew tattoo, Jesse Eisenberg discusses TCBY, other people are also obsessed with Rashida Jones, and more Read More

By / August 2, 2012

• The Jews who invented Häagen-Dazs.

• There is a Seinfeld food truck serving muffin tops and soup, run by, naturally, the guy who played the Soup Nazi.

• Turns out we are not the only ones obsessed with Rashida Jones.

• Jesse Eisenberg seems to like TCBY a lot. Or at least enough to write a fake review of it as a nine-year-old.

• The French Olympic swimmer with the Hebrew tattoo.

• Check out a pre-Superbad Martin Starr’s Freaks and Geeks audition, where he describes the “Hitler Punch”