Deported Rapper Shyne Debates Alan Dershowitz About U.S. Election

Shyne, who can’t vote in an American election, is a Romney guy Read More

By / October 31, 2012

In a confusing turn of events, Harvard law professor and staunch Israel supporter Alan Dershowitz debated Orthodox Jewish rapper Shyne on their chosen candidates for the next week’s presidential election. The Belize-born rapper, who was deported from the United States after serving nearly nine years in prison for his involvement with Puff Daddy in a 1999 high-profile club brawl, recently endorsed Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

In the debate, Dershowitz explains why he is voting for the president’s reelection, while Shyne expresses concern about Obama’s foreign policy. Referring to the president, the rapper says at one point, “When he says things like ‘there needs to be daylight between the United States of American and Israel,’ those are very dangerous philosophies to have in the climate that we have with a Hitler-esque president of Iran.”

“It reminds me of 1938, with the appeasement, with Hitler, and just the underestimation of the evils that lay in the global jungle,” Shyne added. He also expressed worry that First Lady Michelle Obama is more concerned with obesity than she is with inner-city violence.

The debate was hosted by the website Deeyoon, whose homepage features other debates like the misspelled “Should Israel Remain the Undivided Capitol of Israel?” “Are Israeli Settlements Good for Israel?” and “Godfather 1&2 vs. Scarface.”

Watch for yourself, and let us know who you think ‘wins.’

(Image via the New York Times)