El Al Pledges Commitment to Passengers’ Spiritual Safety in New In-Flight Video

“Full body protection vest” now available for male Orthodox passengers seated next to women. Read More

By / November 3, 2014

In recent years, the co-mingling of the sexes has become a major source of tension on flights to and from Israel. Some very religious men are being seated next to women to whom they are not married or related, which necessitates an extended game of musical chairs before take-off. (Never mind the departure time, modesty trumps timeliness. Always.)

Now Israel’s national airline, EL AL, has pledged its commitment to its passengers spiritual safety in a new in-flight video. Never again, thank God, will a man be forced to sit next to a pesky little woman for several hours at a time. Effective immediately, every aircraft will be equipped with a “male congregation area”—and if a male passenger absolutely must sit next to a woman, he may avail himself of the use of a transparent full body protection vest to keep the lady-cooties at bay. (Added bonus: Ebola protection.) There’s even a shofar for attracting attention in the event of a safety breach. So innovative! (They don’t call Israel the “Start-Up Nation” for nothing, right?)

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The In-Flight Safety Video El Al Should Show from Tablet Magazine on Vimeo.