Fashion Week Dispatch: Haredi Rabbis Ban Skinny Jeans For Men

Hipsters everywhere cringe as Haredi rabbis release edict banning men from wearing tight pants Read More

By / September 10, 2012

Forget fashion week—this season’s sartorial drama involves rabbis and skinny jeans.

As if the tension between hipsters and Haredim in Williamsburg wasn’t enough, an edict released by a group of Haredi rabbis, including the son of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, bans their male constituents from wearing tight pants. Clearly, they don’t believe skinny jeans and True Religion have much to do with each other.
The letter encourages men to “uphold the sanctity of the camp,” and also includes the apothegm, “The clothes of a person are an indication of his character.” The other side of the letter features an image of Haredi rabbis of yesteryear sporting loose-fitting clothing.
This does not bode well for jeggings.