Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas Welcome Baby Boy

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By / June 2, 2014

Actors Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who co-star in the ABC fantasy series “Once Upon a Time,” welcomed their first child on May 29.

The baby boy remains unnamed, but as Goodwin and Jimmy Kimmel joked back in April, he’s probably the first Jewish Dallas in the world. “Naming a child, though, with the last name of Dallas is a little more complicated,” she explained. “Not a first name that begins with a ‘D,’ because it gets porn-y, and nothing geographical, because it sounds like an airport.”

Goodwin and Dallas married in April, narrowly avoiding a nuptial calamity when their ketubah was lost and found on the morning of their wedding.

In 2013, Goodwin told that she was “shul shopping” in L.A. in an effort to reconnect with her religious heritage, and that she was committed to raising her “hypothetical future children” as Jews. So we’re guessing the baby’s name will be revealed around, oh, June 6 or 7.

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