‘Girls’ Star Jemima Kirke and Husband Michael Mosberg Do Shabbat, Have Many Tattoos, Are Very Beautiful

“He’s super-Jew and super-corporate.” Read More

By / March 14, 2014

Be still our beating Jewish hearts! Girls star, artist, and Brooklyn mom Jemima Kirke does Shabbos dinner. (Yep, she plays Jessa, the one with the British accent.) Turns out Kirke is the granddaughter of Jewish-British-Iraqi real estate developer Jack Dellal, and her husband Michael Mosberg (who just got the go-ahead to build a fancy, for-profit rehab center in Red Hook, Brooklyn) is Jewish too.

In the March 10 issue of New York Magazine, Kirke explained:

We do Shabbat sometimes. Mike went to Yeshiva law school. He’s super-Jew and super-corporate. That’s why I was so attracted to him when I met him: the contradiction.

Other things we learned from the voyeuristic slideshow: Mosberg likes to grab her butt, she doesn’t have a mommy group (“God forbid”), and they are both ridiculously good looking and have a bunch of tattoos.

The end.