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Give the Gift of a ‘Nice Jewish Shirt’ for Hanukkah

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By / November 27, 2013

Well, it’s Hanukkah again, which means you’ve got to come up with that creative and heartfelt gift for your loved ones. Unfortunately, your family is sick and tired of the “Coupons For Free Hugs” you’ve been giving them since 1999. Fine, it’s time to switch it up. Comedians Jacob Reed and Danny Cohen, of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater, are here to help you, because they care. They’ve just launched a Jewish t-shirt company, Nice Jewish Shirt. These limited edition shirts are made well, and more importantly, they look good—wear one of these shirts and that fly honey at the Hanukkah party will finally reciprocate your sexy eyes. Here’s their story:

A couple weeks ago, we were writing at a coffee shop when one of us joked, “We should just ditch this work and start a Jewish t-shirt company.” We laughed and forgot about it but, later that day, after a little Google searching, we realized there aren’t a whole lot of funny Jewish shirts out there, and definitely very few that are well designed.

Since we’re both comedians with a background in graphic design, it was important to us to make shirts that were not only funny, but also really well designed and printed on quality materials. All of our shirts are printed locally in Los Angeles on high quality American Apparel T-shirts. We supervise every printing to make sure the shirts come out great.

If you want to give this personal, comfortable gift, there’s a special Jewcy discount. The coupon code is “JEWCY.” It’s for $10 off an order over $50 and it’s good until the end of the day on Thursday, December 5th. Buy some t-shirts here.

Best Hanukkah ever. Thanks, Nice Jewish Shirt!