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Haim Covers ‘The Chanukah Song’ by Adam Sandler

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By / December 4, 2013

Back in elementary school, “The Chanukah Song” made being Jewish a littler cooler. At first, when your classmates bragged about Easter egg hunts and super-cool presents from Santa, you didn’t have an obvious trump card. But then, thanks to Adam Sandler, you got what you needed to show off on the playground.

Today, over a decade since Sandler’s tune reigned supreme, Haim, our favorite singing sisters, have brought back the jam with their rock and roll cover. Share with your friends, and remind them how cool Hanukkah can be.

Now that we’re feeling juvenile, take the time machine back to yesteryears and listen to Stan and Judy’s Kid alone in your bedroom. Ah, nostalgia.

Listen: Haim’s take on Adam Sandler’s ‘Chanukah Song’ [JTA]

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