Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg Endorses Bill de Blasio for Mayor

He also asks the candidate about marijuana laws and his son’s afro Read More

By / August 29, 2013

Thursday morning, Peter Rosenberg—Hot 97’s resident Jewish personality—interviewed frontrunner mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio. And, he asked him the most important of questions:

When de Blasio said the department should stop arresting people for having small amounts of marijuana in public, one of the hosts said, “Hold on, de Blasio! You are talking to a constituency here, that is listening to you, that is definitely a weed-smoking constituency. Are you saying, sir, that if we put you in office, we will not be going to jail for having small amounts of marijuana?”

Rosenberg was elated. He endorsed de Blasio and then called his son Dante’s afro a “non-Jewish Jew-fro.”

That is all.