Isaac Mizrahi Upsets Jewish Community For TV Appearance on Yom Kippur

The successful Jewish fashion designer was on his QVC program selling products on the holiday Read More

By / September 17, 2013

If you watched QVC on Saturday, you’d have seen fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi selling his products as usual on Isaac Mizrahi Live. The problem is that last Saturday was Yom Kippur and Mizrahi’s appearance on the show, and on Twitter, upset many in the Jewish community, seeing as Mizrahi comes from an observant Jewish family. There are even talks of boycotts.

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach had a few words on the matter, the New York Daily News reports:

“It seems now G-d isn’t going to be one of his customers, because it is a pretty big account to lose,” Boteach told us. “Modern people have to learn to put values before money, and if Sandy Koufax could give up the World Series for Yom Kippur, then Isaac Mizrahi could give up a few hours of hawking some of his wares.”

We like your logic, Boteach.

(Photo from Isaac Mizrahi/Facebook)