Israel Loves Black Friday and Cyber Monday

The Holy Land has adopted American holiday shopping habits Read More

By / November 25, 2013

For years, foreigners have watched perplexing news footage of turkey-stuffed Americans fighting one another for a Tickle Me Elmo at their local Walmart. And while they used to laugh superiorly at the discount insanity, many other countries are now joining in— namely, Israel. Yes, the Holy Land has taken a liking to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday ways. The times they are a-changin’, the Jerusalem Post reports.

“Cyber Monday started in America, but Israeli consumers see the opportunity and want to participate in shopping holidays, so they were looking for great deals online,” said Elad Goldenberg, the Israel manager for eBay, which offers special shipping rates and discounts.

“The rates of purchasing are doubling year after year.”

For the holiday spree, Israeli newspapers are publishing top 10 lists for the best deals around. Online shipping services are providing Israelis with special rates for deliveries. Sorry, America. No longer can you hog all the holiday shopping mania. Cheaper MacBooks for all! It’s what the pilgrims, and the chalutzim, would have wanted.

Though Israel is not alone in its Cyber Monday madness, it is one of the strongest adopters. According to Business News Daily, in 2012 Israelis spent seven times their average daily purchases over Black Friday weekend, tied with Ireland, and behind Colombia, where shopping ballooned to 11 times normal spending. Mexico, South Korea, Russia and China all showed inflated spending as well. All in all, international sales from US retailers tripled from the previous year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

(Photo by K2 images/Shutterstock)