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Israeli Designer Makes Christina Aguilera’s Signature Hand Fans

Sharon Jerusalmy started “Fancy Hand Fans” three years ago in Tel Aviv Read More

By / September 17, 2013

If you’ve ever watched The Voice, you’ve definitely noticed that Christina Aguilera loves her some old-fashioned hand fans, a seductive way to keep cool on stage. As it turns out, the singer’s fans are custom-made by Israeli designer Sharon Jerusalmy, who was looking through her orders on Etsy- where she sells her fans- and saw that Aguilera’s stylist had made a purchase.

Jerusalmy began making “Fancy Hand Fans” three years ago in Tel Aviv, reports Rivka Borochov on the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

It was during a hot summer a few years ago when Jerusalmy was sitting at a coffee shop with her daughter that the fan idea came to life. At 49, she had quit her job six months before. It was hot that day, and the women were using their menus as improvised fans. Jerusalmy suddenly realized that this could be a great item to bring back in style. And, she notes, hand fans are an ecological way of cooling off in the summer months.

Too bad Jerusalmy didn’t have a hand fan for Aguilera during this video shoot—she could’ve used one: