Israeli Researchers Develop Medicinal Cannabis Plant that Won’t Get You High

Lower levels of THC in new medicinal marijuana plant eliminate side effects, including the munchies Read More

By / May 31, 2012

If the news that Israel’s two biggest beer brewing companies raised their keg prices was a total buzz kill, this latest scientific development might un-harsh your mellow. Israeli researchers found a way to create medicinal cannabis that doesn’t get users high, so that patients who seek the therapeutic aspects of the plant can avoid the effects of THC that recreational pot smokers seem not to mind as much. Also, no more munchies.

The Times of Israel reports:

Researchers at the growing center, located in the northern Galilee region, reduced the amount of THC in the plant and increased the presence of CBD, another chemical that previous research has shown could be effective against diabetes and various psychological disorders, and possibly prevent the spread of cancer.

The new marijuana is being made available in a limited way to some users and initial responses have been positive. In addition to keeping users firmly on the ground, the new strain also doesn’t cause the “munchies,” the voracious appetite that regular pot induces in users.

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