James Franco is Mr. December

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By / November 14, 2013

Ellen DeGeneres, you dancing, gift-giving queen. For the holidays, she’s created an almost, perfect gift for your friends, parents, and pets. A sexy calendar starring Renaissance Man James Franco as Mr. December.

Donning a Santa hat and a speedo, with his lovely face superimposed on the body of some, sufficiently chiseled, man, Franco’s eyes meet yours as the cat on his shoulder inaudibly says/purrs “take us home with you.” Alas, because nothing is ever truly right, the theme is all off. Where’s the menorah at, DeGeneres? Hanukkah may be all up in November this year, but it ends in December. Franco is, in fact, a part of the tribe. So, add that menorah—Photoshop, a glue stick, what have you.

Franco Instagrammed:

Happy holidays.

James Franco Stars in Ellen DeGeneres’ Perfect Calendar: No Clothes, a Cat and Some Photoshop! [E!]