Josh Radnor’s Prayer for B’reishit

The actor and director’s prayer in the new book, ‘Unscrolled’ Read More

By / September 24, 2013

There’s something intrinsically interesting about the famous and talented minds of our world and their Jewish faith. Unscrolled brings us just that, in book form, in which 54 writers and artists wrestle with the Torah. Today, on this very lucky Tuesday, we get a special look at Josh Radnor’s chapter. Radnor, a director and actor who plays Ted Mosby on CBS’ How I Met Your Mother, explains that God is a part of his life:

I believe in God. I try to feel the room before I blurt that out in conversation, but it’s a feature of my personality and a fact of my life. I’ve long wanted to do away with ideology and the punishing male trickster deity of my youth and get to the heart of the heart of the matter. Who is God? Who are we? What are we doing here? And how can we do it with a little more grace and guidance? Healing my broken perceptions of the divine, hitting the “install update” button and awakening to a new vision of God—that’s what this prayer is for me.

We swoon, Mosby. This is probably how you’ll meet your children’s mother. You can read Radnor’s full prayer at

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/Getty)