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Lena Dunham Gets Personal

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By / December 31, 2013









As you would hope, Lena isn’t the planned and timely writer that “writes it down in their beautiful leather notebook.”

Lena recently sat down with Salon for a thorough interview where she touched on everything from her writing habits and insecurities, to housing mooching “boyfriends” and the new heights she’s taking Girls characters to with Season 3 (which premieres January 12th!).

As always, Lena keeps it real.

On letting men into her bed:

“It’s horrible. I think I also liked the feeling at times of people being a little indebted to me, which is a darker angle of it, but it’s definitely there. There’s a piece of my book about letting guys sleep in your bed. You’re not sleeping with them, just letting them sleep in your bed and what that is. It’s really interesting, because I’ve done a lot of that in my day. And now the idea of someone sleeping in my bed with me who I’m not sleeping with is literally my worst nightmare. I’m like, “I cherish my sleep. I worked hard for my bed.”

On writing:

“I want so much to be someone who sees something and writes it down in their beautiful leather notebook. The fact is that I write under duress, often in my bed, often at the last minute. I’m kind of a binge writer I would say, which I don’t support.”

On expanding our understanding of the ‘Girls’:

We had a few goals for Season 3. One was to push each of the character’s back-stories and histories further and to better understand why they’re facing what they’re facing. I feel like that’s the thing you often don’t get in comedies about a bunch of pals, a sense of where they’re coming from and why. I wanted to talk about that moment when the messiness goes from feeling age-appropriate to “Is this a problem?”

Read the rest of the interview for some Lena highlights on her relationship with her mama, impending book deal, and being a social media maven.

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