Lisa Kudrow’s Son Had an Impromptu Bar Mitzvah at the Mall

Went to the mall to buy a video game, came home a man. Read More

By / May 15, 2014

Lisa Kudrow’s son went to the mall to buy a video game and returned home a man—thanks to Chabad. The actress recounted the amusing story to long-time pal Conan O’Brien earlier this week, after he berated her for not inviting him to her son’s bar mitzvah. Turns out the event was entirely out of her auspices: young Julian was approached by a “Jewish organization” at the mall, asked if he was of the tribe, replied in the affirmative—and moments later was wearing a kippah and tefillin and saying a bracha. (Apparently there’s a selfie to prove it.) Boom. Instant manhood. Or, in Kudrow’s words, a “drive-by bar mitzvah.” Mazal tov!

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