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Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Writes Children’s Book About Going Unplugged

Randi Zuckerberg’s ‘Dot’ reminds us all to take a break from our screens Read More

By / October 18, 2013

Well, it looks like Facebook Overlord Mark Zuckerberg might be in the midst of a family feud. His sister, Randi Zuckerberg, has come out with a charming picture book for children. Dot tells the story of a young girl named Dot. She taps, swipes, and shares, but mostly on her computer. She’s probably Facebooking a hell of a lot, too— maybe she even sends pokes to Uncle Mark.

Through Zuckerberg’s story, Dot learns to put the screens away, go outside, and explore with other humans. And through Dot, Zuckerberg reminds us of the downside of spending too much time connected. Dot’s going unplugged and maybe we will too… well, at least for the weekend.

Watch an animated preview of Dot.

(Photo by Waytao Shing/Getty)