Matisyahu Gets Back to his Jewish Roots With Free Summer Camp Concert

The formerly Hasidic reggae artist will stop in scenic Milford, PA, this week for a free concert at a Jewish summer camp Read More

By / July 10, 2012

Though Matisyahu has laid low (we think?) since shaving his signature beard back in December and announcing he was no longer Hasidic, the reggae singer is back with a new album and a renewed interest in at least one important Jewish institution: summer camp.

That’s right, Matisyahu is heading to Cedar Lake Camp in Milford, PA, on July 13 for a free concert. Lucky campers at Jewish camps nearby will also be in attendance, and the whole thing will be posted online. According to the press release, “Matisyahu is a big supporter of Jewish camps and plans to send his kids to one when they reach the right age, as he believes attending camp can be a pivotal part of the Jewish journey.”

See? He’s totally Jewish.