MMA Site Fetishizes Ultra-Orthodox Women

Warning: NSFW
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By / October 30, 2013

The term “Jew fetish” can have many meanings. There’s Jew fetish, Jew fetish, and then there is this.

The Other Ground men’s discussion board, a dark corner of a Mixed Martial Arts news site, has honed in on the demure sexiness of ultra-Orthodox Jewish women, lifting photos of this modesty-conscious species from Facebook and Instagram. The conversation that follows is naturally pretty perverse, but it’s also hilarious and eye opening, highlighting how mystified Jews and Gentiles alike are about the Orthodox. Myths and theories about these exotic creatures abound in the discussion board, from the hole in the sheet theory to “orthodox Jews in Israel don’t date, period! They write each other hand-written letters.”

“Anyone ever “BEEN” with an ORTHODOX Jewish girl?” username In Limbo practically pants, adding, “in the “biblical” sense, of course.” (Thanks for clarifying, In Limbo!)

He continues charmingly:

These are just random pics on the net, but throughout my life i’ve seen MANY HOT orthodox girls….way hotter than any pics available on the web. they seem so different and insular, yet they have a familiarity bc they sound like every other jersey woman when they speak, they do their hair (wigs?), many of them are stylish in their own ways….stylish, modern, or traditional lots of them are hawt i know at least one of you OGers has snagged one i believe they are the ultimate forbidden fruit for the goyem

In Limbo is not the only user with strong beliefs about Ortho chicks. There are some gems in there, but I suggest you check them out for yourself so that I can keep this post nice and clean. One classy dude even posted a photo of his own “snagged” Ortho gal alongside a selfie with his tongue hanging out. (Hawt!)

Fortunately, the “Ortho broads” have a good attitude about the whole thing. Sharon Langert, who runs an Orthodox fashion blog and is among the women featured (violated?) on the forum, sent me a statement:

In my opinion, the post on that message board does not incriminate any of the women shown. These women, many whom I know and am friends with are all wonderful, modest girls who wouldn’t dream of going near a person like that. Many are dedicated wives and moms as I am. We are simply victims of photo theft by some immature and pathetic people. On a different note, many orthodox women are breaking new ground by actually putting themselves out there to share with the world that we can be fabulous and real and still true to our values. Part of that package is risking the chance of something like this happening. I choose to ignore the silliness and rise above while continuing to spread my positive messages to the world.

Many of the other Jewish hotties featured are fashion-conscious Chabad-Lubavitch Hasidic women, as indicated by the leafy backdrops of Eastern Parkway in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.