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NBC To Adapt ‘Cuckoo’ But Not With Andy Samberg

The SNL star is already signed on for ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Read More

By / October 10, 2013

We’ve got some good news and some bad news for you this afternoon. The good news is that NBC is adapting BBC Three’s Cuckoo, which starred the great Andy Samberg in his first post-Saturday Night Live endeavor, Deadline reports.

Cuckoo is the story of a middle-class family whose daughter comes back from a summer abroad married to a charming but infuriating hippie moron — a guy called Cuckoo. UK writers Robin French and Kieron Quirke, who created the BBC series, will write the adaptation, with The Simpsons veteran Tim Long on board as showrunner. French, Quirke and Long executive produce with the original series’ exec producers Ash Atalla and Dan Hine.

The bad news is that Samberg is already on Fox’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it’s highly unlikely he’ll play Cuckoo again. So, I guess it’s time to watch the British version.