New Orthodox-Friendly Eyeglasses Blur Women From Sight

Glasses boast the ability to do the exact opposite of what glasses are supposed to do Read More

By / August 7, 2012

In what appears to not be a joke and actually a real thing, Africa’s Mail and Guardian is reporting the existence of glasses, designed for Orthodox Jewish men, which blur women from sight. Yep, glasses that blur your vision.

From the article:

The ultra-Orthodox community’s unofficial “modesty patrols” are selling glasses with special blur-inducing stickers on their lenses.

The glasses provide clear vision for up to a few metres so as not to impede movement, but anything beyond that gets blurry – including women.

It’s not known how many have been sold. For men forced to venture outside their insular communities, hoods and shields that block peripheral vision are also being offered. The glasses are going for the “modest” price of $6.

Never mind the confusing mechanics behind eyeglasses that do the opposite of what eyeglasses are presumably supposed to do—namely, facilitate clearer sight—this seems to be more than a little dangerous. Also, $6 seems a bit steep for a pair of fake glasses, just saying.

(Image via Shutterstock)