OMGWTBIBLE: Luzer Twerksy on Leaving Orthodoxy, Acting, and—Yes—Torah

Says the star of indie hit ‘Felix and Meira’: “I never thought of myself as someone creative, I thought I was just weird.” Read More

By / August 12, 2015

We hit chapter 100 in Book Two and things start to fall apart. As the narrative drags, David Tuchman and guest Luzer Twersky (star of the film “Felix and Meira”! Check it out!) start to lose their grips on reality. Do you want to see how crazy the Bible can drive two men? Want to know how ex-Hasid Luzer Twersky ended up playing a Hasidic man in an independent movie garnering loads of critical attention? Listen here:

Not gonna lie: not much happens in the second part of this episode’s reading. However, Luzer Twersky and David Tuchman have a bit of a breakdown trying to get through it. And you’ve probably never had as many disgusting thoughts about candelabras as these two do. Listen to episode 32.2 now, because it is a wonderful, wonderful mess!

David Tuchman translated the Tanakh as a comedy and called it OMGWTFBIBLE. Each month on his podcast, he calls up a different guest to read as many chapters of OMGWTFBIBLE as they can while they both make fun of it.

Jewcy is the proud (internet) co-host of OMGWTFBIBLE. Read more about the project here, and listen to previous episodes here.

(Image: Felix and Meira)