Help OMGWTFBIBLE Complete Epic Comedic Torah Translation

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By / August 25, 2014

Wanna do a mitzvah? You’re reading a Jewish blog, of course you do. So, consider donating a few shekels to a very worthy cause: the Indiegogo fundraising campaign for OMGWTFBIBLE, Jewcy’s very own in-house bible/comedy podcast, hosted by David Tuchman.

Here’s the backstory: a little over two years ago, Tuchman, a writer/comedian/Yeshiva dropout, decided that he wanted to translate the bible. It would be a frank, funny, no-holds-or-sexual-metaphors barred shtick, covering all the material your Hebrew school teacher nervously glossed over in the lead-up to your bat mitzvah. (What pre-marital sex?)

Not only that, Tuchman decided he would present his translation at monthly readings to a room full of drunk people (A.K.A. a bar), with a different guest each time (who he would interrupt constantly to make jokes, but that’s the point). Cherry on top: he decided to record the mess and put it on the internet! Thus the podcast OMGWTFBIBLE was born, which we’ve been proudly co-hosting on Jewcy since March 2014. (Disclaimer: the podcast is not a mess at all but actually quite coherent and funny.)

The Indiegogo campaign will help fund season two of the project—Exodus!—and, if we’re very, very generous, a second podcast focused on the weekly Torah portion. Prizes include: mugs, t-shirts, signed scripts, professions of love across multiple social media platforms, and home visits for biblical role play.*

Now, go forth from this website to this other website I will show you and donate some money electronically.

*So stone me: I made that last one up.

A new episode of OMGWTFBIBLE is being recorded in NYC tonight! If you’re not able to be physically present, check back here in a couple of days to hear the recording.

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