Paul Rudd is Here to Help With Your Pregnancy Announcements

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By / July 3, 2014

Pregnant? Wanting to announce the news to friends, family, and a bunch of complete strangers on the internet? Paul Rudd is here to help! The They Came Together actor, bat mitzvah DJ, and long-standing heartthrob to 30-something women the world over recently helped a random couple make their pregnancy announcement go viral.

Uproxx reports:

Lucky enough to bump into Rudd while expecting a child, this handsome couple seized the moment by enlisting the aid of the ageless wonder, asking him to hold up a perfectly appropriate and referential sign (because he was in Knocked Up, you see) to help break their baby news to friends and family.

Much better than posing for a puntastic pic with a jar of tomato sauce, I guess.

(Image via Imgur)