Photographer Holds Photoshoot in a Polish Jewish Cemetery

At a cemetery in Checiny, Lukasz Szczygielski photographed a topless model Read More

By / August 20, 2013

Nothing like a sexy, naked afternoon photo shoot in a cemetery, amiright? Well, Polish photographer Lukasz Szczygielski thought so. He brought his camera and a model to a Jewish cemetery in Checiny, where its 150 tombstones were a great backdrop, for sure.

Szczygielski explained that he wanted to draw attention to the neglected cemetery. “I wanted to draw attention to the neglect of the place. The cemetery is forgotten, he told Gazeta Wyborcza. The model posed against the headstones naked from the waist up, with a necklace bearing a large cross hanging between her breasts.

Critics turned up promptly, arguing that there are far less offensive ways to commemorate the cemetery. Szczygielski apologized, explaining that distaste was not his intention.

(Photo by Silar/Wikimedia)