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Restaurateur Offers Discount for Patrons Who Turn Off Phones

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By / November 26, 2013

Outisde of Jerusalem, Abu Ghosh offers 50 percent off for patrons who turn off their phones

You’re on a dinner date with a great person; someone you really like. You’re talking about your hopes and dreams and nightmares and pets, when you see another couple sitting near you, presumably on a date as well, but they’ve got their iPhones in their hands. One’s playing Candy Crush and the other’s watching porn. You freak out. You do not want to become this couple. You sabotage the date you’re on in order to prevent a similar pathetic future, and you go home to watch a couple hours of E! True Hollywood Story.

Fear not. There’s hope! One man, a hero, really, is saving the art of the dinner date. His name is Jawdat Ibrahim and he’s the owner of Abu Ghosh, the famous restaurant six miles outside of Jerusalem. Ibrahim is offering patrons 50 percent off of their bills if they turn off their damn phones during the meal. Amen! Algemeiner reports:

Ibrahim is the owner of Abu Ghosh, a well-known restaurant named after its hometown, located about six miles outside of Jerusalem. He said at first he tried to collect cell phones at the front door after witnessing groups of friends or married couples sitting in silence, staring at their screens each day. When he realized this wouldn’t be practical, he decided to introduce the discount.

“Technology is very good. But just when you eat, just especially when you are with your family and your friends, you can just wait for half an hour and enjoy the food and enjoy the company,” he said. “A lot of people, they sit down and they don’t enjoy their food, their company.”

Think of it. That delicious Middle Eastern food. That wonderful conversation. That belly rub you’ll be getting after you’re done eating. It can all happen if you hold off on the texting, tweeting, and playing until after dinner. And, customers seem to be loving it. Let’s hope some American restaurants follow suit.

If you’re not down with this genius idea, maybe Dr. Ruth’s endorsement will sway you:

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