Robert Downey Jr. Names Daughter After Character from Hit Israeli Show ‘Srugim’

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By / November 6, 2014

Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan Downey welcomed a new daughter into the world on Tuesday and GUESS WHAT (she writes, practically shouting across the internet with excitement): they named her after a character from the hit Israeli TV series Srugim!

The show, which charts the love lives of a group of Modern Orthodox friends living in Jerusalem, is a more chaste, serious version of Girls, tinged with the drama of a telenovela. It was championed earlier this year by Slate‘s Willa Paskin, who described it as “comfort food you’ve never tasted before.” Jewcy contributor Miriam Krule appeared on Slate‘s DoubleX podcast singing its praises, too.

Anyway, the name, the name! The baby is named Avri, after Hodaya’s sexy, secular archeologist boyfriend (Avri is short for Avraham), who gives the rabbi’s daughter her first taste of treyf and drives her to the beach on Shabbat and… no more spoilers! Watch it here.

And here:

Disclaimer: The baby’s named could be pronounced “Ay-vree,” not “Ahv-ree.” It is also possible that Downey has never seen Srugim and that I’m projecting a lot of my own issues onto his child’s name. This is a technicality I’m willing to overlook, if you are.