Watch Shimon Peres Look For a Job Post-Presidency

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By / September 22, 2014

An Israel-related video approved by viewers across the political spectrum: sounds crazy, no? But Shimon Peres has achieved the (seemingly) impossible with this charming bit about finding a job post-presidency. (He left office in July this year, succeeded by Reuven Rivlin.)

In the five-minute clip, the 91-year-old statesman tries out various gigs—gas-pump attendant, security guard, deliveryman, stand-up comic—all the while delivering sage aphorisms about compromise, tenacity, and overcoming fear. You know, nation-building stuff. (There’s even a joke about the nuclear reactor in Dimona.) It’s Yoda meets your Zaidy meets Saturday Night Live, and it’s pretty delightful.

SPOILER ALERT [look away now, plot-sensitive readers]:

Turns out the Prez has an entire peace foundation to fall back on. He’ll be fine.

See for yourself (maximize screen for English subtitles):