StyleLikeU Explores Orthodox Fashion

How dressing uniformly can lead to greater individuality Read More

By / November 20, 2013

StyleLikeU, started by a mother and a daughter, is “a multimedia platform that honors individuals with authentic personal style.” Elisa and Lily attempt to show that fashion isn’t just about the price tag or the brand name; rather that it’s the “foundation for one’s identity.”

In November, they produced a video looking into the fashion of Orthodox Jews. With no weird American Apparel glamorization, the documentary provides insight from Orthodox men and women, illuminating the reasons behind dressing uniformly, wearing wigs, and how it all connects to spirituality.

Moshe Hecht, a singer/songwriter, describes what abstaining from secular dress allows for religiously.

“In society today in America or in the world, very much of how you are perceived is how you are dressed and when you have a group of people who basically dress the same it’s creating an opportunity to find your individuality beyond the actual physical dress that they’re wearing sort of forces you to sort of build that character and then people start to perceive people on a much deeper level.”

Though the video is quite long (16 minutes), it’s worth taking a look, if not just to see the interviewer annoyingly ask, “What is the thing with the sheet?” when discussing sex. Myths aside, there’s a stock of nice quotes.

(Photo by Volkov Mikhail/Shutterstock)