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The American ‘GIRLS’ Dolls

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By / January 10, 2014









Well, you know you’ve made it when you’re a real, live doll–even if it’s a BuzzFeed creation. The world has gone Girls mad, I tell you! This is made clear by the eery/amazing “pack” of four American GIRLS Dolls with the tagline “Meet your new friends who are almost kind of getting it together.”

Meet Hannah: an aspiring mid-twenties living in Greenpoint. Clad in a pinstriped shirt and acid washed shorts, Hannish is equipped with her very own bloody q-tip and yellow mesh rave top.

Shoshanna: She may have a bun on her head, but don’t call her a bun head. Shosh comes with her very own peace & love snuggie, and obviously Sex and the City, the complete first season on DVD.

Jessa: Oh that mysterious Jessa! She comes with her own paint set, a “fun” floral veil, and a worn-in leather travel bag, just in case she gets inspired to hop a flight to Bali. Is it weird I want the doll’s sandals and earrings? Nah.

Last but not least, Marnie: “Smart and sassy” Marnie comes with her very smart phone, hostess uniform, and karaoke machine; ya know, for when she has three glasses of wine and is feeling bold enough to eat cake with her hands.

This is so bad, it’s awesome.


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