The Growing Anti-Semitic Elmo Crisis

A man has been showing up in Central Park in an Elmo suit and spewing anti-Semitic invective. What does he want? Read More

By / June 25, 2012

It’s time to talk about Elmo—that is, about our Elmo problem, and yours. For several months, someone, or several someones, has been showing up in Central Park, in full Elmo costume, and unleashing curse-laden invectives about subjects of concern—his alleged work for mobster John Gotti, the evils of media giant Viacom, and, of course, the Jews. In the latter case, the red-furred menace was exhorting passersby to read The International Jew, the anti-Semitic tract by Henry Ford. He also claimed that he could not “get a real job” because the Jewish costume industry was harassing him.

In the latest instance of anti-social Elmo behavior, a man in Elmo garb arrived at Central Park and began to rant about the people of the book, only to be later taken off, stretcher-bound, in an ambulance. We wait for the ADL to weigh in on this issue, and for the announcement of Mayor Bloomberg’s Elmo Containment Committee. The city cannot wait.


(Image via Twitter)