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The Maccabeats Newest Single Is Finally Here

And it’s to the tune of ‘Cups,’ so it’ll probably be stuck in our heads forever Read More

By / October 7, 2013

The Maccabeats are back and they’re singing “D’ror Yikra” to the tune of “Cups” by Anna Kendrick— ACA-SCUSE ME? It’s the song that’s been stuck in everyone’s head since Pitch Perfect came out and blew our minds (best movie ever?). We loved their old albums, Voices From the Heights and Out Of The Box, but this new song is probably our favorite. Get ready for “D’ror Yikra” to reach millions of YouTube views— give or take 50,000 of them will be from us.

Monday just got a lot better. Thanks, Maccabeats, you acapella wunderkinds.