The Word ‘Jew’ is Officially a Synonym for ‘Cool’ in Dutch

Seriously, all the high school kids are saying it Read More

By / January 14, 2013

Jew: so hot right now. All the cool kids are saying it, after all. But don’t worry, mom—it means cool, according to Marc van Oostendorp, a linguist from Leiden University, who “heard the new usage of the word ‘jood’ (pronounced yode) at a high school in Leiden shortly after learning about the phenomenon from an online forum about the Dutch language.”

JTA reports on the new, strangely validating slang:

He notes that “the ideal word to express teenage enthusiasm would make parents raise their eyebrows” but would not invoke disciplinary intervention.

“The word ‘Jew’ is apparently suitable in that regard,” van Oostendorp wrote.

That’s like, so Jew.

‘Jew’ is the new ‘cool’ in Dutch, linguist says [JTA]