Video: Filmmaker Meir Kalmanson High Fives New Yorkers Hailing Cabs

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By / September 17, 2014

This summer, 24-year-old filmmaker Meir Kalmanson decided to bring a little joy to the sweaty, stressed-out streets of New York—by high-fiving people as they were attempting to hail cabs. The result is this delightful 86-second video, “High Five New York”:

Kalmanson told the New York Daily News that he loves making videos that “are not just funny but also are heartwarming and have a good feel and message… I love seeing all of the people (in New York) and it just clicked in me. ‘How cool would it be to give someone a high five?'”

Very cool. Joyful, even! Kalmanson heroically resisted the temptation to turn around and see how the unwitting high-fivers were reacting to his unsolicited salutation. After a moment of surprise/shock, they all seem pretty delighted by it. (Except for the dude dressed in black at 1:06, who just carries on with his emphatic cell phone conversation like a stereotypical New Yorker in a B-grade rom-com. Yes, those guys exist IRL!)

Enjoy this little ray of tikkun olam.

(Image: YouTube)