Watch Aly Raisman’s First Dancing With the Stars Rehearsal

The gymnast shows off her British accent and learns some ballroom moves Read More

By / March 14, 2013

It’s. Really. Happening. Olympic Gold Medalist Aly Raisman is now Dancing with the Stars Contestant Aly Raisman, as evidenced by this video of her first rehearsal. As Dvora Meyers wrote last week, Raisman has a lot to prove on the dance floor:

The golden gymnast has even been partnered with Mark Ballas, who co-won the mirror ball trophy with Johnson. After coaching Johnson to the win, Ballas probably knows better than anyone how to break the many bad dancing habits—flicked wrists, anyone?—that gymnasts learn as part of their athletic training. (Gymnasts’ dance training is often laughable. Raisman’s gymnastics dance background will help her as much Baltimore Ravens’ Jacoby Jones’ end zone dances will help him.)

Looks like she’s taking the challenge to loosen up and show a different side of herself seriously:

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