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Watch Elite Daily’s ‘Extreme DrakeOver’

Make your macho male friend wimpier with Drake inspiration Read More

By / November 19, 2013

Recently, Drake memes have been making the rounds. I mean, he’s probably used to it what with all the “mufucka never loved us”— Drizzy can obviously handle the criticism. But, knowing his signature style, he’s probably a little sad about it—that is what all the memes are about after all. There’s @AllThese, a Twitter handle mocking Drake’s pouty, punny lyricism. Some other [NSFW] sites, and now there’s Extreme DrakeOver from Elite Daily. The stars of this short take their macho friend and make him Drizzier.

Does your friend act like a tough guy? Does he never let his guard down? Is he someone who’s almost impossible to read? Sounds like he may be a perfect subject for an Extreme Drakeover!

Extreme Drakeover takes your hard-ass friends and makes them soft again by turning them into Drake! Never again will you have to worry about your friend being unemotional; now, he practically won’t stop crying! This new Elite TV classic documents the process of how to turn your good friend into a giant wussy.

All these hits and Drake’s still taking punches. That’s OK though. You can poke fun at Drake and love him all the same.

Watch and enjoy.