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Watch Gary Shteyngarts New Book Trailer With James Franco

And they kiss, too Read More

By / December 17, 2013









James Franco and Gary Shteyngart are lovers and friends in Shteyngart’s book trailer for his first memoir, Little Failure. Shteyngart gathered up what seems to be a bunch of kick-ass friends and acquaintances, such as Jonathan Franzen, Alex Karpovsky, and Rashida Jones, to showcase the self-deprecating author preparing for his book release.

In the video, Franco and Shteyngart sit for morning coffee in matching fuzzy, pink bathrobes–but not before Franco gives Gary a smooch–and proceeds to tell Gary he’s written a memoir entitled, “50 Shades of Gary, An Erotic Memoir.

Keep watching to see Shteyngart vent on his psychiatrist Jonathan Franzen’s couch, pay $13 for non-Fair Trade coffee from “barista” Karpovsky, and pop prescription pills in a sea of people gushing over Franco’s new “erotic journey.”

“Oh my God, it’s even more “Jewcy” on a Tablet device.” Did anyone else catch that?


(Photo by Buzzfeed)