Watch Mandy Patinkin Get Giddy About Someone Else’s Baby Being Born

The ‘Homeland’ star can’t contain his excitement when his interview co-host’s wife goes into labor Read More

By / December 14, 2012

Mandy Patinkin makes miracles happen. The Homeland star was being interviewed on Fox’s Good Day New York when co-host Dave Price gets up suddenly and walks out. “He’s going. His wife is in labor,” Rosanna Scotto explains.

“Oh my god, how thrilling!” Patinkin yells. “Mazel tov!”

“That is the most exciting thing I’ve ever had happen!” he squeals, and then starts clapping.

Scotto tries to continue the interview, asking about this Sunday’s Homeland finale, but Patinkin is simply too excited about the baby to answer.

“Oh, this is thrilling!” he says several more times. “We’re having a baby!”

And then he starts singing about it. We can’t wait until Patinkin meets baby Eli.