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Tina Fey in Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

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By / January 31, 2014










In a red vintage 1967 Volvo, Jerry Seinfeld picks up Tina Fey, “the first head female writer of SNL,” on the Upper West Side for a coffee date in Harlem.

Fey has lived on the Upper West Side for a long time, and has come to a definitive truth about its residents: “If you walk around the Upper West Side, you will never ever see a truly good looking person. If you’re on 14th street, you might be like, ‘Oh I bet that’s girl a model!'”

The two comedians talk about food being the only reward for anything (truth), guzzling wheat-puff shakes (what?), and Fey’s hopes to write a new movie–although she still feels quite accomplished from 30 rock (as she should be) and is not sure she’s ready for such a huge undertaking again.

The two also talk in depth about being parents (Fey is in charge of feces, husband is on barf patrol) and how Jerry always longed for a Hanukkah bush.

Then they get cronuts.


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